Last updated: 5 Feb, 2022

Restorative Auroville

Restorative Auroville is an independent project that aims to bring the practice of Restorative Circles, a holistic, community-based form of conflict resolution, to Auroville, and to explore what a consciously designed justice system could look like here – one that reflects our ideals, but that is also effective and has the power to bring about constructive change, both on the individual and community levels.

After having studied and practiced the Restorative Cirlces (RC) process for 5 years, Restorative Auroville was officially as a public service in Auroville in September 2015. Because much of this work depends on how it’s received in the community, its growth is organic and we don’t know exactly where it will lead us and how long it will take…

At present, RC is offered as part of Auroville’s Conflict Resolution Policy (in addition to Mediation, Arbitration, the Appeal Process, etc). However, our long-term dream is to bring about a radical shift in how we hold conflict as a community. In addition to holding space for conflict, our project include es research, teaching, implementing Circles in different schools, public presentations and interactions, large-scale events, experiments, testimonials, and more.


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