Last updated: 11 Nov, 2017

Vaasal Magazine - Tamil Culture newsletter

Welcome to Vaasal

We would like this magazine to be an entrance into the world of Tamil ideas, art and culture for anyone in Auroville who is from another native ur (village, town, country, habitat, that place which belong to you and you to it - see below).
The word vaasal  (entrance) comes from the word vaai  (mouth). The entrance is the most important part of any Tamil village, a place which needs protecting from alien forces which might cause chaos if not properly watched over. Notice the location of prominent temples and shrines at the outer perimeter of villages around Auroville - placed at strategic points like crossroads and waterways where they can make sure no harm comes to the residents.
The entrance of the home is equally important. It is where the protective kolam is placed each morning. When you go to someone’s house to give them something, they will always step outside to receive your gift, or invite you in: nothing must be passed across the threshold of the vaasal that separates one world from another.
Our Vaasal intends to do the following things: 
1. Enjoy: Showcase Tamil literature, music and art in a way that is accessible to everyone.
2. Meet: Introduce senior Tamil Aurovilians, workers to the community at large. 
3. Think: Introduce important ideas and rituals along with an open offer to participate. 
4. Speak: Act as a friendly first step into the Tamil language for those who are frustrated by their language inability and wish to learn to enjoy themselves in this beautiful language. 
5. Integrate: In light of Mother’s words that Tamil culture is an essential part of the integral yoga of Auroville, to bring the Tamil and non-Tamil parts of Auroville closer together.