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Tamil Nadu in total lock down: consequences for Auroville. Auroville and Matrimandir remain closed to visitors till 14th April 2020.

24-3-2020 10:40 am
To the Auroville community
From the Working Committee

The Government of Tamil Nadu has announced a lock down from 6 pm today till 6 am on April 1st.
People are required to stay at home and only come out to get basic and essential services, for which the personal vehicle can be used.
Except for essential and emergency services, no other transport services including public and private buses, autos and taxis will function.
The Solar Kitchen and La Terrace will remain fully closed.
PTDC, PTPS, FoodLink and Hers will remain open. Please respect the precautionary measures, such as social distancing of 1 meter or 3 feet. They may introduce time slots. These premises will need to be cleaned and disinfected three times a day,
Medical facilities and the pharmacy will continue to operate. Units manufacturing essential commodities are allowed to function with minimal workforce and necessary precautions. Food production units will remain open for internal consumption. Farms will continue to function.
The Financial Service will remain open mornings from 09.00 to 12.30.
Restaurants will be closed, and may only supply takeaways or deliveries.
Other shops, commercial complexes and workshops will be closed.
All construction work except essential projects will be halted. No new construction can start. Only emergency repairs can be done. Workers must be remunerated for these days.
Matrimandir will be fully closed.
Household workers including gardeners are to stay home. They must be remunerated with their normal salaries during these days.
Any congregation of more than five persons in public places is prohibited.
Those who have been asked by the screening centre at Sante to self-quarantine and those who have come to Auroville after March 1st are expected to strictly adhere to the requirements of self-quarantine. These people are asked to contact the covid19 task force at to register themselves. The Taskforce will render assistance as required.
Those who have come in contact with people who have come to Auroville after March 1 should get themselves screened at Sante in case they show symptoms.
Please note that we have been informed by the government officials that those who do not follow these rules may suffer consequences.
Working Committee
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