Last updated: 8 Feb, 2022



YouthLink supports youth to integrate into Auroville by providing information on available opportunities and services. YouthLink provides a central point of connection for youth needs.
Young people coming to Auroville have different ways in which they work to integrate themselves. YouthLink has various levels of involvement and commitments from volunteers and participants. We aim to enable youth integration in all areas of the community and bring forth youth initiatives while also working towards involving more youth in supporting existing services in Auroville.
For youth-led activities, YouthLink will operate as a channel for resources from within and outside of Auroville. Support will range from the personal (counseling, mentoring etc.) to the professional (project planning, financial resources, skills) in order for the activities to succeed. For those passionate about working with and for the youth, volunteering with YouthLink may be the perfect opportunity to get more involved with Auroville. 


-To help integrate youth into the community and be a bridge between Auroville and the world. 

-To explore and experiment various ways of enabling free progress and a higher consciousness. 

- Be the link that enables continuous flow of wisdom and knowledge throughout generations. 

-To activate future leaders and thinkers to be the driving force for conscious change. 

Ankita: Resources Manager 
Lucrezia: Beneficiaries Team 
Namu: Projects Manager 
Sanata: Communications Team 
Tenzin: Executive Manager 

We also have volunteers regularly joining YouthLink, as well as participants and facilitators working with us on our various events and programs. 

YouthLink was founded in early 2015, as part of the Retreat community process. At this event, several hundred Aurovillians looked at the themes of bioregion, economy, education, governance, growth and town planning. The goals related to youth were defined with milestones related to housing, education, and employment. Today, seven years later, YouthLink has defined itself as a Service for Auroville. The service is run by a group of young adults and works with a large number of mentors by ‘linking’ to different Auroville working groups, services, and units. The overall goal for YouthLink is to enable youth integration in all areas of the community.

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