Not a Yoga of world-shunning asceticism, but of divine Life.

Integral Yoga

Integral yoga, sometimes also called supramental yoga, is a transformational practice developed by Sri Aurobindo and The Mother. Central to Integral yoga is the idea of supramental manifestation on the Earth.

According to Sri Aurobindo, the current status of human evolution is an intermediate stage in the evolution of the Earth consciousness, which is on its way to the unfolding of the Supermind, and the self-revelation of divinity in all things. Yoga is a rapid and concentrated evolution of being, which can take effect in one lifetime, while unassisted natural evolution would take many centuries or many births.

  • Evolution of Earth Consciousness

  • Manifestation of Supermind on Earth 

  • Transformation of Human Nature

Yoga of Transformation

This is a Yoga of transformation of the being, not solely a Yoga of the attainment of the inner Self or the Divine, though that attainment is its basis without which no transformation is possible. In this transformation there are four elements, the psychic opening, the transit through [the] occult, the spiritual release, the supramental perfection. If any of the four is unachieved, the Yoga remains incomplete.