Last updated: 12 Nov, 2021


Suhasini gets award at Glasgow UN Summit 2021

In recognition of the exemplary work being carried out by Auroville in several of her fields of activity, Auroville has received the following national and international awards over the years:

  •  2021, November 10th

Aurovilian awarded Green Solutions Awards

Funded by Ministry of Education

Inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 50th Anniversary of Auroville, 2018

Suhasini Ayer, a renowned architect from Auroville, received the Green Solutions awards during the COP26 summit in Glasgow November 10th, 2021

(see details here

  • 2018:  Auro Ratna award from the Overman Foundation to Dr. Mira Aster Patel

 "Inwardly, Auroville is blossoming" Aster 

In November 2018, Aurovilian Dr. Mira Aster Patel, in recognition of “her invaluable contribution in developing Auroville”, was awarded the Auro Ratna award from the Overman Foundation in a ceremony in the Hall of Harmony of the Sri Aurobindo International Centre of Education of the Sri Aurobindo Ashram. Auroville Today asked her about her journey.

  • 2018:   Probiotics House gets BID Award for quality
    We are very happy to announce that the team of our fellow Aurovilian Dr. Margarita Correa has been selected to receive the BID AWARD for Quality.

    MGecoDuties - Probiotics House has been selected to receive BID Award for Quality in the Gold category at the BID International Quality Convention which will take place in Paris, France, on June 30th and July 1st.
    This award is the outcome of the research and analysis carried out by Quality Hunters, leaders, entrepreneurs and Quality experts, directed by Business Initiative Directions (BID) and BID Group One, which recognizes the contribution of MGecoDuties - Probiotics House in terms of leadership, quality, innovation and excellence.
    The ISLQ Selection Committee has based this decision on the criteria of the QC100 Total Quality Management model. This model, in conjunction with the BID Quality Mix technology, will strengthen your position of leadership and help to improve the growth and visibility of your organization.

    The International Star for Leadership in Quality Convention 2018 in Paris has the following programmed meetings:
    - Opening Ceremony
    - Presentation by each participating organization
    - Seminars presented by BID Group One and the Technical University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid - UPM) 
    - Networking meeting with participating organizations with media coverage
    - Gala Awards Dinner
    - Closure of the Convention with sessions of video and photography
    - Interview with MGecoDuties - Probiotics House focused on social media intelligence

  • 2018: Depika Kundaji, a fellow Aurovilian received a Nari Shakti Puraskar (women power award), a national award - among the highest civilian honours for women in India -- from the President of India on March 8th 2018, at a ceremony held in New Delhi at the Rashtrapati Bhavan, the President's Residence - for 24 years of work as a Seed Conservationist.
     This award is among the highest civilian honours for women in the country. Here are some photos:
     Link to the award ceremony as it was telecast live on DD National TV (watch from 15:00 mins for Deepika's part):

     Deepika's profile: Deepika Kundaji is a Conservationist who has worked since 1994 to save and revive more than 90 traditional varieties of vegetables. Tending them herself in an organic garden of 2000sq meter, she shares seeds of these rare varieties with organic farmers all over the country. Through workshops she encourages vegetable seed production as a livelihood option especially for women in rural areas. This work is based in Pebble Garden, Auroville, Tamil Nadu where she and Bernard have regenerated 8 acres of severely eroded land, without the use of external inputs and no hired labour, into a vibrant forest of indigenous species and a seed & food garden.  

  • 2018SCORRES Project Winning Rushlight Awards

    We are proud to share that Auroville Consulting's Smart Control of Rural Renewable Energy & Storage (SCORRES) project has won the Rushlight Awards 2017-18 for Resource Innovation and Water Management.  
    We thank Innovate UK for funding this project and our partners
    Heriot-Watt University (Scotland), Auraventi Ltd., 
    Scene  Connect, Findhorn Foundation College, Buddha Garden, and
    Auroville Centre for Scientific Research for their hard work and dedication.
    The SCORRES project is developing a robust, efficient,
    affordable and smart irrigation system to help tackle the food,
    water, and energy shortage.

  • Nandita receives national award, 8 March 2017
    On the occasion of International Women's Day, SHARAN Founder Dr Nandita Shah received the Nari Shakti Puraskar - 2016, from the President of India at the Rashtrapati Bhavan today.
    Her years of dedicated service to spread awareness about Food as Medicine and her work towards animal welfare and environment conservation has been honoured.
    The Nari Shakti award is the highest and most prestigious Indian National award conferred by the President of India upon exceptional women in recognition of their achievement in promoting positive change and being examples among women. 
    To watch Dr Nandita Shah receive the award, click  and you will see her at the 23.00 mark on the video.
  • 2016: Auroville Earth Institute  receives International first prize “Low Carbon Award” of the “Green Building Solutions awards 2016”   For Kaza Eco-Community Centre, built in Spiti, India  Construction 21, France (Given during COP22 in Marrakech, Morocco)  
  • 2016: The annual Center for Communal Studies Undergraduate Paper Prize was awarded to Aurovilian Suryamayi Clarence-Smith, for her undergraduate thesis "Auroville: A Practical Experiment in Utopian Society."
  • November 2010: A Danish Award for Sadhana Forest. The Humanitarian Water and Food Award announced the 2010 winner, at its first ever award event held at LIFE, Faculty of Life Sciences, Copenhagen. In third place came the Sadhana Forest organisation for their initiative "Sadhana Forest". "Great ideas," said Professor Alfred, "attract people. And today, looking at Sadhana Forest we see that volunteerism is not dead, but very much alive". "Great ideas have the power to engage us - to volunteer to help make the change towards sustainability." Shri Ashok Kumar Attri, the Ambassador of India to Denmark, attended the ceremony in honour of Sadhana Forest. For further info.

  • July 2010: Auroville Earth Institute received “The Prince Sultan Bin Salman Award for Urban Heritage” by Al-Turath Foundation, Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia for building Al Medy Mosque in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, in 2004. The 457 m2 mosque was build in 7 weeks and was inaugurated by Prince Salman. For further information on the Institute:

  • April 2009: Dr.Kamla Tewari receives the Prestigious

    Award for Excellence for Social Service

    To commemorate its Silver Jubilee year, The Federation of Indian Chambers of Commerce and Industry's Ladies Organisation chose 25 exceptional Indian women for their "Women of Excellence Awards". Selected from various fields — Creativity in the Arts, Business and Entrepreneurship, Professional, Public and Social Service — outstanding women were acknowledged on the 28th of April 2009 , in a glittering ceremony in Delhi presided over by the Chief Minister, Ms Sheila Dikshit.
    Our Dr. Kamla was awarded for her 59 years of 'welfare work in the medical field, first in the Indian Army and then in Auroville.

  • February 2007: EM Award for Aurovilian

    Dear Aurovilians, I would like to share with ALL of you the award I have received on Friday February 23, 2007 with a standing ovation at the EM International Partners Conference in Kansas City - US for "A life dedicated to Social Responsibility with EM". The award was given to me after unanimous voting of the delegates (from 40 countries) that attended the Conference representing North, Central and South America, Europe, Asia and Africa.
    The award represents my contribution towards eradication of Malaria in communities of West Bengal-India and Trichloroethylene remediation (soil & water) with Philips-India. Dr. Sivaram Pillai, CEO of SCD-EM, USA received the award on my behalf (I was not there) and is bringing it to me in Auroville.
    I feel proud not for this award but I feel proud of the people and organizations that trust me, support me, listen to me, and help me to continue my research. In the end, it is this that is actually receiving the international recognition.
    This year, the eradication of malaria programme has been extended from 6,000 to 20,000 people in the foothills of the Sub-Himalayan range.
    Love to all, Margarita – Creativity

  • 2006: Auroville Earth Institute receives   First prize of the All India design competition “Multi hazard resistant shelter”, Gandhigram Rural Institute, and funded by Bhoomika Trust, Chennai – India

    The final certificate was remitted by the President of India, Sri Abdul Kalam on the 27th July 2007.

  • 2005: Auroville architect Jana Dreikhausen won a significant award at an International Conference on Ecological Architecture and Environment in the Tropics held in Semarang, Indonesia, for integrating the full range of (then) known sustainable building concepts into a single innovative design, in the form of a residential house in Auroville. 

  • 2005: Upasana Design Studio won an “Award of Excellence” certificate in Delhi for their innovative and highly successful Tsunamika doll project, on the occasion of the 12 th Annual Convocation Day of India's Ministry of Textiles-sponsored National Institute for Fashion Technology.

  • 2005:  Auroville Earth Institute is awarded First prize of the All India design competition “Hazard resistant house”

    Gandhigram Rural Institute, and funded by Bhoomika Trust & ICA-USA, Chennai – India 

  • 2004: AuroRE Projects and Services wins the award for Enterprise (£30,000) for its great triumph in acting as a catalyst for small-scale solar businesses across India, helping this vast country start to unlock its huge potential for solar power. In the words of one of the judges: "These are the guys who make solar happen". 

  • 2003: Editions Auroville Press International unit won an award for its inspiring "Genius of India" video, based on a slide presentation shown widely around India, and acclaimed both by India's then Prime Minister and Home Minister, in the 14th University Grant Commission's annual educational video competition, held in cooperation with the National Open School, New Delhi, for 'The Best Programme of the Year'.

  • 2000: Auroville Earth Institute gets  India Gold Star Award” and gold medal.  Excellence award presented to only one very excellent individual from all over India for his exploit in his field of work

    FFI (Friendship Forum of India), New Delhi – India

  • 2000: Glory of India Award” and gold medal  Excellence award for

    Great achievement and exploit in his field of work

    FFI (Friendship Forum of India), New Delhi – India

  • 1999: The Auroville Building Centre received the Gold Medal from the India Trade Promotion Organisation, New Delhi, for "Excellence in presentation of special display on Build Tech pavilion 1999 - New Delhi" The medal was awarded for a disaster resistant house, which was built in 66 hours during the India International Trade Fair 1999

    ITPO (India Trade Promotion Organisation), New Delhi – India "

  • 1999:  Auroville Earth Institute gets  Nation’s Vikas Jyoti Award

    Excellence award for Individual Achievement for the growth of Indian economy

    WEDF (World Economic Development Association), New Delhi – India

  • 1999:  Bharat Excellence Award” and gold medal  Excellence award for  Outstanding leadership and extra-ordinary achievements in his field of work and for the services rendered to promote greater friendship and India-International co-operation
    FFI (Friendship Forum of India), New Delhi – India

  • 1998: Auroville Earth Institute gets Bharthiya Nirman Ratan Award Excellence award of Indian construction, for “Individual Outstanding Achievement and Nation Building"  
    IEDRA (Indian Economic Development and Research Association), New Delhi – India 

  • 1997: The Auroville Centre for Scientific Research was nominated Best NGO in the Renewable Energy Sector in India by the Indian Renewable Energy Development Agency (IREDA), New Delhi, on the occasion of its "Decade of Service" celebrations.

  • 1996: The Club of Budapest adopted the Auroville project to "become humanity's first universal city, the shared treasure of all nations and people (...) dedicated to the evolution of human consciousness toward planetary unity."

  • 1996: Auroville Earth Institute gets Outstanding Performance Award for the Best Building Centre through Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO), New Delhi, from the Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation, Government of India.

  • 1995: We the Peoples 50 Communities award in the category of Human Settlements on the occasion of the 50th Anniversary of the United Nations.

  • 1995 and 1994:   Auroville Earth Institute gets   Outstanding Performance Award for the Best Building Centre through Housing and Urban Development Corporation (HUDCO), New Delhi, from the Ministry of Urban Development and Poverty Alleviation, Government of India. The Auroville Building Centre form part of a network of 400 building centres set up by HUDCO all over India for the promotion of appropriate building technologies.

  • 1992: Hassan Fathi International Award for Architecture for the Poor from the Society for the Revival of Planning and Architectural Heritage, Cairo, Egypt, for the construction of the Auroville Visitors' Centre, where cost-effective earth and ferrocement technologies have beenapplied in a public building.