Last updated: 18 Nov, 2016

Earth Institute, Low Carbon Award - Marrakech

Dear Friends, 

Lara just came back from Marrakech where she was for COP22. She gave a presentation at a colloquium on Eco-construction and sustainable development and also received the international “Low Carbon award” of the “Green Building Solutions Awards 2016", given by “Construction 21”, France.

This award was given for the “Kaza Eco-Community Centre” that we built in the remote valley of Spiti with raw rammed earth and a few CSEB with our technics for earthquake resistance. We integrated also some solar panels and a solar passive system, called trombe wall.

This project is the work of our entire team and Lara played a major role at the beginning of the construction site with rammed earth, where she could solve the problems of the rammed earth forms that I designed, and also win the trust of the local artisans and motivate them to build again with this very particular technique of rammed earth of Spiti.

You can see these links: where you can see a short video introducing the project and for the case study and the presentation of the project, and in our website:


Attached document: A photo of Lara and Joan Pollock, the founder of "Spiti Project" who initiated the “Kaza Eco-Community Centre”, the PDF of the certificate and a few things.

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