Last updated: 8 Oct, 2015

Unity Pavilion: The Hall of Peace

Designed by Piero & Gloria

Before his passing in 1990, the Japanese American architect, George Nakashima, left a legacy to Humanity; a special table dedicated to Peace in the world. Nakashima had been a ‘National Treasure of Japan’ for his unique wooden furniture designs. According to his wishes, his table was to be replicated 5 times and distributed to the 5 continents on the Earth. 

Nakashima’s thought and life were similar to Mother and Sri Aurobindo’s ideals, and in his youth he had resided for some period in the ashram in Pondicherry. Owing to this, his daughter, Mira, and son, Kevin, were happy to donate and bring, in 1996, the table, for Asia, to Auroville. It’s natural place was found in the Unity Pavilion (no peace is possible without unity!). 

At the beginning of 2014, the table was installed in the small, quiet, independent (but closely connected to the main building) Hall of Peace. 
The natural wood and shape of the table receives lots of light from its natural surroundings, in keeping with Nakashima’s great love of trees and nature. The table is now used for meetings of small groups in need of concentration.

Video-clip of the Inauguration of the Hall of Peace, on 11 February 2014