Last updated: 8 Oct, 2015

Unity Pavilion: Main Hall

Designed by Piero & Gloria

The name derives from and refers to the concept of Human Unity, announced by Sri Aurobindo. The building was conceived as a point of focus for the International Zone in Auroville, a place where Eastern, Western and all other cultures would meet up and learn from each other. It was to also be a ‘common ground’ for nations within Auroville unable to build their own pavilions. 

The first phase began in 2000, with a simple structure for offices and administration. The second phase, the main building, is a large multi-purpose hall built with good acoustic quality and light. The aim of the design was to create a harmonious atmosphere between space and materials; where people would feel comfortable, and at ease. The designing allows the hall to be used for a variety of functions ranging from conferences, meetings, exhibitions and simple musical performances. The building was inaugurated in 2012.