Last updated: 26 May, 2020

Transition School: the architect's view

Designed by Piero & Gloria

The school campus came up in a rather modest way in 1985, as a result of a growing need for educating children in and around Auroville. The school consisted of simple structures with ferro-cement roofs. The teaching was done by grouping children into groups based on language affiliations, age, predilections etc. 
After 8 years, however, with the increasing number of children, came the necessity to adopt a more structured way of teaching. This time, proper classrooms, with blackboards and desks and chairs for students, were constructed. The model was to consist of 4 classrooms that would circle a library and computer room in the middle. Over time, and with this model as a base, Transition School has expanded its buildings to include more classrooms, a dining hall, a body awareness hall, a proper computer centre, an arts and crafts building and a newly designed administration office. The process of construction lasted about 20 years. The school now accommodates 200-250 children.