Last updated: 10 Nov, 2020

Unconditional Basic Income in the Auroville context

In the past 50 years, following the Mother's directives, we've done a lot towards establishing a socio-economic basis to realize such individual and societal outcomes, with the deeper objective of facilitating a spiritualized approach to work and living – primarily through a “Universal Basic Services” model. Yet many Aurovilians have not been completely freed from the individual burden of meeting their economic needs, interfering with a focus on a spiritual dimension of development. ‘Work’ has not been completely dissociated from ‘economic survival’ in Auroville, and Universal Basic Income may offer us a framework to achieve this.

“The organisation should be such, should be so arranged, that the material needs of everyone are assured, not according to ideas of rights and equality, but on the basis of the minimum needs. And once that is established, each one should be free to organise his life according to—not according to his financial means, but his inner capacities.”
The Mother, 30 
Dec, 1967 (Mother on Auroville, pg. 16)

Talks on Universal Basic Income

A series of three talks on Universal Basic Income were held in succession, on August 30th, 2019 at the Visitors Centre Video Room, followed by lively discussion.

Participatory Workshop: “Exploring Universal Basic Income in the Auroville Context”

The workshop was chaired by Lena Stark, the Vice-Chair of Unconditional Basic Income Europe, and attended by approximately 40 people, including the 12 BIEN delegates.

Report of Auroville – “Basic Income Earth Network” August Events
downloadable here as .pdf

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