Last updated: 3 Apr, 2021

The Free Store

As old as Auroville, the Freestore is as the name suggests, a store where things are free. A descendant of early Auroville's barter and exchange system, the Freestore now offers a range of new and pre-loved clothes, crockery, books and music to any Aurovilian who needs, yes, for free. Customers choose what they want, leave their name and a list of items taken, say thanks, and walk out the door. The place is a blessing for many of the Aurovilians who live, as honorary voluntary workers, on a very basic maintenance and can 'go shop' this way. 

The Free Store is affiliated with Nandini tailoring and distribution, though Free Store has no members, being open to all Newcomers and Aurovilians. 

Efforts are always made to arrange for a pleasant ambience and freshly laundered materials to be available. Aside from the pre-loved, the Freestore on occasion offers new clothes from companies like 'Auromode', 'Upasana' and 'Hidesign' as well as monthly donations by other Auroville units. Pressed flower handmade paper envelopes, writing paper and postcards add to the Freestore's quality of service. The Freestore doesn't stop at giving away things, it also offers a free tailoring service , which focuses on repairs but occasionally makes new garments.

Open Mon-Sat 9:00am - 12:30pm and Tue & Thu 2:30-4:30pm.
Ph. 0413-2623680
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