Last updated: 3 Apr, 2021


FoodLink is Auroville’s central collection and distribution point for Auroville’s farm produce, and thus a vital link between farms and community. From here, the fresh organic food is supplied to Auroville’s collective kitchens, restaurants, schools, food processors, and the Pour Tous outlets, PTPS & PTDC. Occasional surplus is sold to customers outside Auroville.

Since Auroville is not self-sufficient in most food categories, FoodLink invites organic farmers in the bioregion to supply to Auroville, in the vision of creating a mutually supportive network in the service of healthy food and a healthy environment.  

FoodLink Market is a small retail outlet located on FoodLink’s premises, where Aurovilians and guests can buy Auroville’s fresh farm produce, as well as some basic processed foods made in Auroville. 

Located near Solar Kitchen, PTDC and the Free Store
Open Monday - Saturday 10 am – 3 pm
Payment through P/T account or Aurocard.

Solar Kitchen Complex
(next to Pour Tous Distribution Center PTDC)
Auroville 605101
Tamil Nadu, India 

Ph: 9486144072 
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