Last updated: 21 Apr, 2023

Unity Fund & Auroville Fund

Unity Fund income by source,|2014-15

Unity Fund

The Unity Fund has been established as the primary channel for all income into Auroville.  For the most part this purpose has been fulfilled with the exception of a portion of the unplanned Government of India grants, which are received and disbursed by the Auroville Foundation Office without being routed through the Unity Fund.

The Unity Fund, administered in the Financial Service office at the Town Hall, is Auroville’s official channel for receiving and disbursing all internally generated income from commercial units, all donations and grants (both foreign and  Indian) to the various Auroville trusts,  projects and units, as well as all the contributions and reserves from the commercial trusts of Auroville. A 1% admin fee is charged on all donations and contributions except those for Matrimandir and City Services.

Ph. 0413-2622455 or 2622879

Auroville Fund

Auroville Fund is a unit under the Auroville Foundation located in the Financial Service office at the Town Hall, which receives - through the Auroville Unity Fund -, disburses and accounts for donations and grants (both foreign and Indian) for a wide variety of projects and activities, including purchase of land, the construction of houses and public buildings, the maintenance of forests and farms, and some educational, cultural and publication activities. The Fund also administers the collection and payment of House Tax. 

Ph. 0413-2622879

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