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PATH Architects & Planners

Lalit & Shailaja
PATH - Planning and Architecture Towards Holistic development - is an architecture and planning studio in Auroville led by Lalit Kishor Bhati and Shailaja Sudhalkar Bhati that endeavours to create sustainable and harmonious designs in planning, architecture and interiors.


PATH was formed in Auroville, in 2004 with the intention to manifest creative expressions stemming from the journey of self-discovery and an ever evolving understanding of life.

Being in Auroville, PATH has a wonderful opportunity of getting constantly inspired from the works of the pioneering architects of Auroville. The quality of the design, the detailing of the spaces, the element of inherent beauty and the joyful experimentation of materials in the precedents in Auroville constantly frames the brief of any project that PATH undertakes.



   "It is through Beauty that the Divine manifests in the Physical" - The Mother

 Our work is centered on the belief that beauty and harmony in the built environment inspires corresponding harmony and wellbeing in life.

We strive to create spaces that respond to climate while exploring the various possibilities with materials and redefining elements to create forms that flow with the requirement and the essential spirit of the place. The built forms then become places one can be inspired in; the connection to the elements outside facilitating and mirroring the connection to the spaces within oneself.

While the built spaces communicate unobstructed with the nature and its elements, they provide appropriate protection from the same. The shading elements thus conceived form the basis of the visual language of our built works such as large overhangs on corbelled walls, spouts that bring down the rain water at points of easy collection, openings for cross ventilation and roofs that rise up to catch a piece of sky for every space enclosed.

Thus, our buildings are varied; follow no one particular style except that of honesty and creativity and the joyful celebration of the essence enclosed.


Works by PATH


·  Apartment Renovation and Interiors, Courage Community, Auroville (2004)

·  Nandanam Kindergarten, Center Field, Auroville (2006, 2010 and 2014)

·  ACTED Office Renovation & Interiors, Puducherry (2005-06)

·  Three Residences near Auroville (2007-10)

·  Renewable Energy Education Park, Puducherry (2007-10)

·  Stupa, near Auroville (2010)

·   Buddhist Temple, near Auroville (2011)

·   Institute of Integral Health with Helmut, Auroville (2011-12)

·   Collective housing for SAIIER, Auroville (2015 - present)




• Collective Housing Phase III, Courage community, Auroville (2005)

• Alternative Design for Institute of Integral Health, Crown, Auroville (2009)




PATH, in association with Auroville Integral Sustainability Institute (AISI), also carries out Auroville based diverse learning programmes & hands on workshops for students, educators and professionals from varied backgrounds and nationalities. Guided visits to provide an educational and insightful experience for exploring Auroville are regularly organised.


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PATH is a registered unit of Auroville Foundation. 



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