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  • 2021, November 10th

Aurovilian awarded Green Solutions Awards
Funded by Ministry of Education
Inaugurated by Prime Minister Narendra Modi on 50th Anniversary of Auroville, 2018
Suhasini Ayer, a renowned architect from Auroville, received the Green Solutions awards during the COP26 summit in Glasgow November 10th, 2021

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Suhasini Ayer–Guigan, is a graduate of “Delhi School of Planning and Architecture”; living in Auroville since 1985 and one of the co-founders of the Auroville Centre for Scientific Researchan organisation dedicated to research and experimentation in the field of appropriate building materials and technologies, water management, renewable energy and solar passive / climatic architecture and sustainable urban planning.

As head of the Auroville Design Consultants, the Planning and Design wing of this organization, she has designed and implemented over 50+ projects in India in the last 25+ years.  She was co-recipient of the Hassan Fathy Award for 'Architecture for the Poor' in 1992, co- nominated for the Aga khan in 1992 and recipient of the Design Share Award for educational buildings in 2003 and 2005.

  • Institutional buildings like exhibition spaces, information centres, international and CBSE schools, hospitals and office buildings.
  • Hospitality projects – eco-resorts and spas
  • Mixed and gated housing projects, multi-family homes, apartments and private homes
  • Planning for sustainable land-use and urban planning for townships, housing and rehabilitation projects.

Guiding principles of the Auroville Design Consultants:

  • Beauty and aesthetics in the built and natural environment is essential for a healthy living. Minimalism is an integral part of designing to create simple and elegant forms in keeping with the sustainable and green building practices.
  • The user/developer is part of the design team and not just a client. We seek active and informed participation with our clients.
  • The planning and design should be most appropriate to the context – site conditions, function, climate, building materials and technology, ease of execution, cost effectiveness and environment responsibility.


Suhasini Ayer-Guigan
Auroville Design Consultant – CSR
Auroshilpam / Auroville
Tamil Nadu 605 101
+91 413 262 2784
+91 94431 62784

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