C&M Architects

Pino Marchese and Sheril Castelino

Design Philosophy

Holistic approach towards design involving functionality, aesthetics & resource conservation. Sustainability and climate responsive design form the basis of our work. Use of alternative, traditional & modern building technology as appropriate to the context and brief. Search for timeless architecture that is beyond 'trends' and doesn't struggle to be 'new' or 'inventive' for the sake of it. The search is for 'egoless' architecture in the present ego driven contemporary architectural trend the world over.

C&M Architects is led by Pino Marchese and Sheril Castelino.

Some Accomplished Projects

  • Maitreya Phase 2 , 2012-15
  • Duplex Apartment in Creativity Auroville 2002
  • Private House Douceur Auroville 2004-6
  • Maroma, storeroom in Douceur 2008
  • Timber beach house, Srima Auroville 2007-9
  • Berdah house, Auromodele, Auroville 2000
  • Indoor Swimming Pool at Kavadi 20014-15
  • New administrative building for Auroville Press International 2005-6
  • Arun Murugappan 'Laurels' Teynampet Chennai 2009-11
  • Batmanabane's house, Moolakulam, Pondicherry 2008-9
  • Growing towards, Pillaichavady, Pondicherry 2004-6
  • Project of Italian Pavilion, Auroville International Zone
  • Nandanam Apartments Pondy 2008-11