Dhruv lives in Auroville since 2002 and has been working on a wide variety of roles from Design, to Technology transfer and innovations and Research in Social housing and restoration and conservation works pan India. He earlier partnered in work with Dharmesh Jadeja to create Dustudio in Auroville. He now runs his practice Samangal independently. His focus remains to create a frugal habitat with close collaboration with all stakeholders. Besides his passion for the revival of traditional knowledge systems, he has also engaged over the years deeply with the dynamics of the Auroville experiment and its evolution through administration and events. A journey that started in Bombay, passing through Indore, Nagpur, and finally brought him to this experiment in Human Unity in South India, continues with exploratory travels to various old cultures of the world. With works ranging from earth-friendly architecture, interior design, furniture design, and alternative building technology practices, he believes in the spread of knowledge, old and new.

Dhruv believes strongly in this quote from Sri Aurobindo:

“The greatness of the ideals of the past is a promise of greater ideals for the future.”

Contact: dhruv@auroville.org.in 

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