Last updated: 2 May, 2024

Nandini Distribution & Tailoring

A Cooperative that Works in the Spirit of Sharing

Nandini, a collective service for the community functioning since 1994, provides a variety of clothing, household furnishings, and footwear to Aurovilians and Newcomers who choose to join the cooperative.

Members of Nandini take only what they need based on what is available at the Distribution Section. They can also get their stitching requirements met at the Tailoring Section. Contributions from all of our members are pooled together for purchases and running expenses of the service every month. 

The amount of money received each month allows us to buy garments and fabric in bulk at the best prices. We always try to provide good quality and sufficient quantity to satisfy the large range of nationalities that we serve. The members take what they need, keeping in mind the spirit of sharing, and being aware that their needs should fit into their budget. A member's unused annual contribution is used for the benefit of another, who might need it more. 

Nandini Has Two Sections: 

1. Distribution Centre

Located next to the PTDC and the Free Store, the Nandini Distribution Centre offers a variety of garments for all ages, ranging from babies to adults. Clothing items include Indian and Western - pants, leggings, tops, dresses, innerwear, baby clothes, sports clothes, sweaters, socks, lungis, saris, shawls/dupattas, chappals, handkerchiefs and more. In addition, we provide ready-made household items such as bed sheets (top and fitted), quilts, pillow covers, towels, doormats, oven mitts, and more. In the monsoon, we provide rain jackets, ponchos, and umbrellas. All items are subject to availability and season.

Hours: Monday - Friday 9am -12pm; Monday & Friday 2pm - 4pm.

Phone: +91-413-262-2033


2. Tailoring Section

Located in the Aurosarjan complex in Auroshilpam, Nandini Tailoring is able to provide a large variety of stitched household furnishings such as cushion covers, curtains, bags, pouches, outdoor shade mesh, etc. as well as garments based on your samples. We offer several fabric options on site or you can bring in your own fabric. Bringing in samples of what you want stitched is preferred rather than having to take measurements, however, please ensure that your samples are clean before giving them to us. 

The fabrics we stock may include but are not limited to cotton (prints and solid), linen and linen blends, poplin, viscose/rayon, jersey cotton, casement for curtains, bed-sheet cotton, material for trousers, handloom cotton, lining materials, denim, knits, and more. Weaves and printing techniques vary based on availability.

Hours: Orders are accepted on Mondays, Wednesdays & Fridays 9am -12pm and 2pm - 4pm.

Phone: +91-413-262-2527


How to Join: If you are interested in joining Nandini, please email: and include the name and contact of the person who wants to join, the requested contribution (minimum Rs 500/person/month), and your financial service account number.


1. Nandini is a collective service for the community and NOT A SHOP! 

2. Members take only what they need from what is available at the Distribution Section and/or they can get their stitching requirements met at the Tailoring Section. 

3. Feedback and suggestions are more than welcome but personal shopping orders will not be taken into account at the Distribution Section.

4. No refunds for an individual's personal shopping bill can be made.

5. A member’s yearly contribution is calculated from January to December of a given year. Unused amounts in your yearly contribution do not carry over to the next year!

6. Nandini's contributions are similar to that of PTDC; contributions from all of our members are pooled together for purchases and running expenses of the service every month. No funds are leftover at the end of the month or year as balance. A member's unused contribution is used for the benefit of another, who might need it more.

7. An individual’s contribution is meant and used only for that particular individual and NO ONE ELSE! It is non-transferable.

8. The fabrics at the Tailoring Section are NOT for sale; displayed fabrics may be used for placing new orders or for repairs AND alterations.

9. Returns/exchanges are accepted within 20 days of purchase ONLY. NO EXCHANGE FOR INNERWEAR (PANTIES, BRIEFS, BRAS ETC).  

10. All new applications and cancellations of individual memberships need to go through the Nandini team. For this you may personally approach one of the Nandini team members or email your request to


Since it is completely against the purpose of the service, we kindly request and remind our members to kindly come throughout the year and NOT at the end of the year (December) to simply finish off their remaining annual balance.