Last updated: 12 Aug, 2014

Auroville Child Development and Libre Progrès School (New Creation)

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New Creation is unique in Auroville through its primary focus on the development and welfare of children from the local villages - Auroville’s first inhabitants - in an integrative way, within its own diverse community. An innovative education approach aims at the integral development of children as encouraged and envisioned by the Mother in her statement “All life is education”. 

The Child Development programme has two components: 

A boarding for children aged 3 to 14 who come from homes that are not able to provide them with the all basic necessities of life. In a nurturing environment, great emphasis is placed on the happiness of each child, together with his/her health, hygiene and education. Children grow up using Tamil, French and English medium.

There is also a crèche and kindergarten for young children aged 11/2 to 6, based on the Montesssori philosophy and the Free Progress method, aiming to provide a harmonious and stimulating environment for children whose families are unable to give them full time attention and care. 

Libre Progrès School offers a caring, non-authoritarian atmosphere, in which children up to 15 years can open themselves to an integral learning process, which will hopefully equip them to one day overcome the limitations of a challenging surrounding, and freely grow towards their fullest and highest potential.