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ASSET Centre -  Auroville Schools Science & Educational Training

“The question is how to acquire the scientific mind and recover the habit of scientific discovery”

- Sri Aurobindo

The ASSET Centre, an Auroville educational and social project, was founded in 2007 to realize a vision of an integrated, applied scientific education system for the students and educators of Auroville, its bioregion and anyone with interest in realizing the ideals of Sri Aurobindo and The Mother with respect to education and human unity. We are guided in our work by the National Curriculum Framework, 2005.

ASSET Centre strives to make science education engaging and fun. We work systematically and effectively to develop and transmit basic concepts in science. We improve competencies and stimulate motivation in students and encourage a healthy flourishing of creative expression and independent activities through science education.

ASSET Centre Activities

Science Exhibitions

Science exhibitions, we have found to be a very useful means to communicating Science to our students and the wider public. Exhibition themes are pertinent to educational, economic, social and technological developments around the world. Every exhibit in the centre contains some accessible illustration of scientific principle and knowledge.

With interactive exhibits that can be touched, seen, heard and smelt, students gain a direct, experiential understanding of scientific principles with a personal appreciation of the impact of scientific and technological advances on their lives.

Science Clubs and Innovations:

ASSET Centre’s Science Club, registered with VIPNET (Vigyan Prasar Science Network), operates with the participation of students from Auroville and bio-region schools, grouped together on the basis of age, level of knowledge and interest in science.

Science Café

A series of informal discussions, modeled on the internationally successful Café Scientifique, offers a stimulating and motivating delight to be savoured in the pleasant cool of evening. Science Café provides a space where all may explore, discuss and debate ideas in science and technology, in a way that is non-conventional, non-academic, yet scientific.

Field trips

Field trips are a great way we have found to bring excitement and adventure into learning. A well focused and planned field trip that can be an ideal vehicle for introducing fresh skills and concepts to students and reinforce schoolwork.

Field trip goals for teachers and students include making sure everyone is fully engaged and involved in the planning of the project, that objectives are established by students and teachers working together, and for everyone to cover, consolidate and go beyond classroom teaching/learning. In short, full involvement and responsibility taken at every stage.

Meet the Scientist - an exciting program of activities in which we invite an eminent scientist/researcher from India or abroad to share what they are doing with students. We bring inspiring scientists/researchers who are passionate and enthusiastic about their work into contact with our young people.

Language Development through Science

We at the ASSET Centre understand very well the vital role of language in all our activities. Special effort is made to explain things in science to students in their preferred language, whenever possible.

Teaching Skills Development

The ASSET Centre provides Bridge Courses for new and trainee teachers as well as experienced educators looking to improve or consolidate life-skills, classroom management technique, communication skills, blended learning (e-learning, learning-by-doing and lectures) as well as Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE)

Guidance and Counseling

We are creating a databank of educational and vocational courses useful to students when they leave school. Our intention is to provide every student with all the assistance she or he needs to apply for the course most suitable to her/his needs and abilities. In addition we aim to provide information and practical assistance to students in need of financial or other support to continue their education. We are compiling a list of NGOs and helpful projects such as Reach for the Stars together with other bodies that provide scholarships and loans to students from less materially advantaged backgrounds.

Mobile Library

With increased use of the internet and e-learning materials many students have given up reading books other than those used in their curricula. The Mobile Library project helps students significantly improve their reading and language skills. To reduce costs and enjoy the benefits of recycling we widely collect and distribute to our students magazines in Tamil and English

Value Education - Story telling

We use storytelling as an invaluable tool for enhancing spiritual and value education, aspects of life that are sadly neglected in the mainstream educational system. We started this initiative with a gifted local village storyteller in his home town and would like to expand this activity into other nearby villages

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ASSET Centre

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