Donate From India

Online and Offline

Financial contributions from India for Auroville's development are channeled through the Auroville Unity Fund from where donations are directed to the designated projects. It is therefore important that a clear indication is given for which Auroville project or service the contribution is earmarked.

For international donations click here.

Five steps for making donations

  1. Choose the project you want to support
  2. Decide your method of donation - online/offline
  3. Specify the project while making a donation
  4. Specify whether you need a tax exemption receipt or a normal one
  5. Inform the project holder or Unity Fund about your donation

Ongoing Projects

If you would like to receive an overview of pending project proposals (in the field of education, village action, farming, etc), you may contact Auroville’s Project Coordination Group (PCG), specifying your field of interest. Project proposals can also be prepared to match the specific requirements of a potential donor.

Donating online

Indian gateway

Donations made through this channel which require a tax-exempt receipt need to contact for information on how to comply with applicable regulations before placing the donation.

Tax exemption


The Auroville Foundation has been authorised to issue tax-exemption receipts to Indian taxpayers for donations favouring Matrimandir, Lands for Auroville Unified (LFAU), as well as for educational & scientific research projects. Such donations are 100% tax exempted under section35.1.ii or 35.1.iii of the Indian Income Tax Act.

50% for projects

Donations for all other projects in Auroville, such as Housing, Farms, Forest, etc. are 50% tax exempted for Indian citizens under section 80G of the Indian Income Tax Act. Clearly earmark the project of your choice and indicate your wish to avail of the exemption.

Tax exemption eligibility

Indian donors wishing to obtain a tax-exempt receipt, need first to contact in order to determine if the donation proposed is eligible for a tax exemption receipt.

If the donation warrants an 80G or 35.1.ii or 35.1.iii receipts, the following details are mandatory:

  • Name:
  • Address:
  • PAN:

Bank transfer - inside India

Account: Auroville Unity Fund

Account # 10237876031

State Bank of India – Auroville Township 

IFS Code – SBIN0003160  

Cheques or demand drafts - inside India

Send a cheque or a demand draft payable to Auroville Unity Fund, or directly to the Auroville unit that carries out the activity or project you wish to sponsor. For example: 'draft payable to Auroville Unity Fund, specified for Matrimandir'.

Postal address: 

Auroville Unity Fund,         

Town Hall, 

Auroville TN 605 101, India. 

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