Visitors Centre

Your Discovery of Auroville Begins Here

The Auroville Visitors Centre is a place where day visitors and guests can begin to discover and learn about Auroville,  its ideals, history, and present-day manifestation. The VC encompasses a complex of buildings that include exhibition spaces, information and guest reception, boutiques for Auroville products and handicrafts, a bookshop, cafes and a food court.

It is possible for day visitors to visit the Matrimandir Viewing Point to see the Matrimandir from a distance.


Information Service

Open Monday to Sunday from 9am to 5:00pm

Auroville Information Service

  • provides first-hand, personalized information on Auroville. Reception staff are equipped to answer queries in English and other Indian and European languages.
  • stocks brochures, leaflets, books and videos on Auroville in different languages.
  • gives a visual tour of the different aspects of Auroville life, community and its work through its Photo Exhibition space.
  • provides video shows -- regular ‘Introduction to Auroville’ and ‘Introduction to Matrimandir’ videos in English or Tamil, with the possibility of other languages in sub-titled form.
  • features the original rosewood model of the Matrimandir and the Gardens, in its Matrimandir Reception and Exhibition Space.
  • Issues passes to the Matrimandir Viewing PointThe Viewing Point is approximately a 30 minute walk that takes the visitor through The International Zone where they can visit Bharat Nivas, The Unity Pavilion and Savitri Bhavan. A free electric shuttle service is available for those who may find it difficult to walk.

We encourage all of those who can, to take the short 10 minute walk back through a shaded path to The Visitors Center.

Guest Accommodation Service

Open daily from 9:30am - 12:30pm and 2 - 5pm. Closed on Sunday.

Offers guidance and help with guest accommodation in Auroville.


Open daily from 9:30am - 6pm

Display and sell a wide range of Auroville handicrafts such as incense, clothing, tableware, jewellery, furnishings, aromatherapy etc. They also stock a variety of organic herbal syrups, dried fruits, and cereal products made in Auroville.


  • Right Path Café: open for food and refreshments from 8 am - 9 pm daily. On Mondays, it closes early at 5 pm. Ph: 0413-2622248
  • Dreamers' Café: open for food and refreshments from 8 am - 8:30 pm everyday during the high season (closes early on Mondays at 6 pm) Ph: 0413-2623034

Seagull Bookshop 

Hosts publications on Integral yoga, Indian culture and different aspects of Auroville from design to wildlife, as well as literary and other compilations by a range of Aurovilian authors. Open daily from 9:30am - 5:30pm. Ph: 0413-2622302 

Other Facilities

Bicycles for hire: available from the kiosk. 

New School Crafts: It sells small handicraft items such as incense, soap, oils, etc,. Open from 9am - 5pm. Ph: 0413-2623833 

Aquadyn dynamised water  is available at Right Path Café and at the main parking lot. Visitors Centre provides free Aquadyn (a product of Auroville) dynamised drinking water for visitors, villagers and Aurovilians.    

Open-air exhibitions

International Zone: An open-air exhibition on the International Zone of Auroville. It conveys the international dimension of Auroville, presents the facilities, activities, and institutions of the International Zone and the work being done by the National Pavilions.

Environmental Exhibitions: For more information on Auroville’s work in the fields of alternative energy, water, transport, farming, soil and water conservation...
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