The City the Earth Needs

City Area

In accordance with The Mother’s plan, the City Area is composed of four zones surrounding the Matrimandir Peace Area & the City Centre. They are the Residential, Cultural, International, and Industrial zones.

The Auroville Development Plan envisages massive investment spread over the different zones to enable Auroville to reach its full potential progressively and rapidly. This will also help Auroville extend the benefits of its development to the surrounding villages and bioregion.

  • Soul Friendly

    A city for soul's evolution
  • Eco Friendly

    A city in harmony with Nature
  • People Friendly

    City as a community
Overview of the City Area
Acre International Zone
Acre Industrial Zone
Acre Cultural Zone
 Acre Residential Zone
City Area Diameter
Square Km City Area

The Four Zones

"We have four big sections: the cultural section, to the north, that is to say, towards Madras; to the east, the industrial section; to the south, the international section; and to the west, that is to say towards the lake, the residential section..."

Mother on 23 June 1965, speaking about Auroville for the first time