Last updated: 3 Sep, 2022

Immortal India - Towards the Ideal Society

compiled by Paulette Hadnagy

In referring to ancient India Sri Aurobindo refers to a state of society that was a beginning of the ideal society. This book contains a selection of Sri Aurobindo’'s texts on the ethical and spiritual perfection inherent to the fulfillment of the four varnas (orders of society) and ashramas (stages of life) as they were lived in ancient India, land of the sanatana dharma. Individual perfection manifested also as svadharma, svabhava and adhikara: fulfilling, respectively, one'’s dharma, predisposition and spiritual urge. The reasons for the decline and the modes of resurgence of the soul and genius of India are also examined. The book includes an introduction, a summary and a Sanskrit glossary.
Published by: Sri Aurobindo 125th Birth Anniversary Group, Auroville. 1997.  Reprinted 2005.
Format: Softcover
Dimensions: 14 x 21cm
Language: English
Pages: 224