Last updated: 11 Aug, 2015

Becoming One: The Psychology of Integral Yoga

compiled by Paulette Hadnagy

This book consists of a comprehensive selection of the Mother’'s thoughts on Integral Psychology. The psychological task she presents involves the unification of our fragmented personalities by way of the leadership of the psychic being, which sheds light on the hidden, convoluted recesses of the subconscient psyche,– as well the circumconscient and the subliminal and occult planes of existence. The book includes an introduction on the subject as well as an appendix with texts on C. G. Jung and S. Freud, and also essays by Satprem, Nolini Kanta Gupta and others on the shadow and the evil persona. 
Published by: Stichting de Zaaier, 2008.  Reprinted 2010.
Format: Softcover
Dimensions: 14 x 21cm
Language: English
Pages: 406