Last updated: 2 May, 2017

Windarra Farm

Historical overview

Since its founding in 1998 Windarra farm has undergone various changes. From the original 22 acres, 4 acres remained with the farm proper that has continuously grown food for the wider community. Since late-2013 Windarra farm is being run by Indiragandhi, Fritz, and Jürgen.

Vision and mission

Farming! Windarra is characterized by a no-nonsense pure-farming organic-gardening approach, where most of the work is done by residents, with one employed worker. Soil fertility and ecological health and diversity of the place is to be maintained while it is our mission to deliver food to AV.

Current operations

Windarra is a mixed farm with cows, goats, chickens, fruit trees, and vegetable gardens. It received PGS organic certification in 2015. A wide variety of crop plans are being cultivated and delivered to FoodLink. Main crops are various kinds of spinach, bananas, basil, and – seasonally – lettuce and rucola. Our cows provide milk. In 2017 we joined the dairy group with a view towards improving and maintaining Auroville's dairy standards.

Plans in the upcoming years

As the plot size is at the lower end of economic sustainability, and as the diverse conditions attract a lot of wildlife further fracturing through roads or community splits need to be avoided at all cost.

The team is working towards financial stability. Several infrastructure improvements need to be made. We are also looking into water-saving options, for maintaining operations under drought conditions.


Volunteers are welcome to work – and discuss – with us. There is accomodation available, for one long-term volunteer to stay with the community.