Last updated: 3 Mar, 2017

Discipline Farm


Snapshot of the farm


Year started


Current stewards/managers

Velmurugan, Jeff, Frank, and Barbel

Total acreage

14 acres

Total cultivated area

12 acres plus a catchment pond

Main produce

Vegetables, fruits; Dairy

Annual turnover

₹ 1,600,300

Opportunities for volunteering


Accommodation for volunteers

4 (Uusally reserved for Weltwarts students)

Contact info



Vision and mission of the farm

The vision of Discipline is sustainable agriculture with the primary objectives of consistent food supply while generating a basic income.

Current operations

Discipline Farm is located near the village of Alankuppam on the northern edge of the greenbelt. The farm grows irrigated crops such as fruits (coconut, banana, guava, chikoo and citrus etc), cow fodder and vegetables. The “dry land” area of the farm is mostly used as a mango orchard.  Water is pumped out using TNEB energy. Drips and sprinklers are used for irrigation. The farm maintains a small dairy of about 8 cows that supply manure, which is used for composting.

The farm also makes vermicompost and biochar.  There is a small food processing unit that makes jams from surplus seasonal fruit from the farm.

Plans in the upcoming years

Whenever funds are available, the infrastructure of water tanks and pumping systems are slowly improved. Discipline would also like to upgrade its food processing center.

Contact Jeff, Ph. 0413- 2622730 or 94864-75367