Last updated: 14 Feb, 2017

Young Farms

These are some farms that were started only a few years ago. It will take a few more years before they fully establish themselves and maximize their productivity.



A 6-acre farm managed by Prakash. It is a mixed farm that currently produces some pulses, fruit, and also has a small dairy and poultry. Its main aim is to expand its poultry.



As the name suggests, this small farm of 0.7 acres specializes in growing mushrooms. It is managed by Anbu.



Bumadevi is a small dairy farm comprising a small herd of cows. It is managed by Anjalakshmi and Manikandan.



Infinity is a 6-acre farm stewarded by Gopal and Madda that grows local fruits and vegetables.



Moonlight is a small farm of 2.5 acres that grows a variety of local fruits and vegetables. It is managed by Kumar.


Service Farm 

Service Farm was a thriving fruit orchard. Service Farm will be re-established in another location under the stewardship of Gowri.



Terrasoul comprises 5.5 acres. Juan is the steward and the other resident farmers. It produces a variety of local fruits and vegetables using permaculture methods. It shares some infrastructure with Windarra.