Last updated: 15 Jul, 2015

Transcendent Sky: A Spiritual Journey of Poetry

by Noel Parent

Transcendent Sky is a collection of poems that explore the spiritual essence of life and inspire the awakening of the Soul and Spirit towards greater enlightenment and self-awareness.  Through a unique offering of inspiration, contemplation, and insight, this book of poetry expresses some of the author’s inner experiences and personal reflections along the spiritual journey.  It is a journey that evokes the Oneness of all of Life and the Divine Presence that dwells uniquely within each person.  A meditation of words flow through these poems with the power to uplift, transform, and transport one’s Being to inner realms of Light, Love, Beauty, and Consciousness.
Published by: Self-published, 2013
Format: Softcover/ E-book
Language: English
Pages: 64