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Stars in the Soup and other poems

by Shraddhavan

A delightful selection of poems created by a long time resident of Auroville, Shraddhavan. Written in an open, free-flowing style, Shraddhavan embraces the world around her, particularly the natural world, as it whispers to her the story of her own evolving spirituality. If we listen quietly, she whispers to us as well.

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Author: Shraddhavan

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Table of Contents

  • Stars in the Soup
  • Garden Fragments
  • Early Ones
  • Journeys
  • A New Line in Hats
  • Postscripts

Book Sample

Stars in the Soup and other poems

The Clay Bird

They say lord Jesus as a boy
Found on the village street a little toy –
A bird of clay. He took it in his hands of joy
And breathing on it secretly
Filled it with life and ecstasy
So it took wing and eagerly
Flew singing, singing, high and high –
Lost in immensities of sky …
And still its triumphant loving cry
Was heard below in streets of mud
By men of earth. O loving Lord,
I offer you my human heart.
It is not very wide nor very pure
And all its depths are still obscure
To me, though you with your clairvoyant eye
Have plumbed perhaps its petty mystery.
This struggling heart, oh purify –
Let it be worthy of the flame
It longs to bear, and of its name.
Oh, take it in your hands of joy
And breathe upon it secretly;
Then will this little bird of clay
Take wing and fly towards the Sun.