Last updated: 2 Jul, 2015

The Royal Cubit: Psychometrics of Ancient Egypt

by Medhananda

In this book we are introduced to the Egyptian royal measuring tool, an instrument, 52 cm long, showing a list of 28 images, used by architects, engineers and masons to build pyramids and temples. Medhananda's research revealed, that it was meant not simply for building monuments but was perceived also as a secret codex with 28 symbols corresponding to a list of 'gods', of soul powers and the phases of the moon. 

This codex was meant as a program of self-knowledge and transcendence, an ancient discipline of self-culture, aimed at developing self awareness. 

So we find 28 'exercises', each helping us to become aware of our own soul powers and to 'build' our complex self with the 'stuff' of consciousness.  
Volume 4 of 5 on Ancient Egypt.
Published by: Prisma, 2006
Format: Softcover
Language: English
Pages: 247