Last updated: 28 Jul, 2015

Sur les Sentiers Solaires (On the Solar Paths)

by Paul Vincent

Since Homo Sapiens has appeared on Earth, the Consciousness is manifested in a physical body - and so also the mind, therefore acquired memory, along with its transmission from one generation to the next, are the essential elements that differentiate man from the animal. Nevertheless, humanity’s history is often related in a way that does not take into consideration the real life of those people who have left their imprints on history. 
Paul Vincent proposes in his work “Sur le Sentiers Solaires" (On the Solar Paths) a journey through time; he tries to enlighten us on various subjects that concern all of us. He offers us a glance of our antediluvian heritage, on the history of Egypt - the structure of his work evolves around one of the most fascinating man of that country: Akhenaton. He also produces details on the origins of the people of Israel, along with some details on India’s history, where he has lived since more than 34 years!
The reader will finds in his work a new way to perceive and explain some events; he will discover unknown historic personages and will guide you to explore remains of lost civilizations that have shaped and influenced humanity. This is above all another way of looking at how some beings born on earth have indeed significantly altered the course of history!
This book, written with spontaneity by its author, is supported by a series of investigations with proofs that seek to be irrefutable. It is for those who are not satisfied with puzzling replies that are constantly given on those fascinating subjects…
The reader will also discover here a subject that is always banished from conventional education: spirituality. It is demonstrated here that, in spite of all appearances, the human being is not only a superior animal; he is before all a spiritual being that seeks to manifest a glorious future; because tomorrow’s human being will be spiritual, or he shall not survive.

Published by: Self and Now, 2014 (France)
Format: Hardover/ Softcover/ E-book
Language: French
Pages: 275