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The Spiritual Encyclopedia by Vijay

This is an online free “encyclopedia” of human issues – love, suffering, happiness, illness, education, parenting, sexuality, death, reincarnation, etc, and the spiritual Path – the various kinds of Yoga, meditation, mental silence, Here and Now, the mind, seeking, transformation, the death of the old “I”, self-realization, etc.

There are over two thousand chapters divided in twelve sections, and each section has an index – by clicking on the title that interests one the chapter about it can be accessed without having to scroll through the others.

The aim has been to present many different viewpoints along the ages, cultures, religions, traditions etc not as contradictory but as complementary, each of them true on a level or another.

There are some questions to the reader to make it a bit interactive, some anecdotes, a bit of poetry, and at the end of most chapters a few practices one can do if so inclined.

It can also be used as a source of quotations as there are so many of them; the majority from Sri Aurobindo and Mother but also from other real Teachers, scientists, poets, writers, etc.

In many of the spiritual chapters, messages have been found not only from Hinduism but also Buddhism, Christianity, Sufism, Islam, Native American Indians, etc


saying the same thing with the same or very similar words,

showing that the original message was ONE


(Immortality Underground)

To reach the City of Immortality, which is a bit like Sri Aurobindo ashram although Immortality is sought through scientific ways as a metaphor for spirituality, and eventually find the Oasis, which is the beginning of Auroville, Phaldor must cross the Dimlands, countries which had been hit with mind bombs, reality has been torn to shreds and nothing is what it seems.

By the time he reaches it, at last, he is no longer the same man.

After a strange reception he begins his apprenticeship in the mazes of the City of Immortality, but then he is told that there is a city of death inextricably merged with it, and although he has high dreams and visions and even meets the Eternal Anima he can never be quite sure to which one he belongs.

There is a true City, and there appears to be, in a certain light, a false City of Death in each one of us.

Eventually, in the nearby Oasis, a revolution against death begins....

There is a bit humour, some surreal or even SF parts, deep experiences, a little poetry.



This tale begins about fifty years ago with a journey to a minor city in an ancient country, when in the nearby desert the Oasis began to grow. Both are now well known, easier to reach, and have more and much better accommodations where one can stay.

What you may find here, or not, is ultimately up to you. For here you will be confronted in many subtle ways - and occasionally a few gross ones perhaps -with yourself, with all which is subliminally potential in you, all you fondly believed having already left so far behind, and perhaps even with…the truth you have denied.

For what first rises to the surface and is more immediately apparent is always whatever is still in the process of being worked out, the fragments of mortality which resists the transformation of our being.

The vision and the miracle, the splendour and glory, although never actually hidden, do require a new way of looking to be perceived; to some extent even a new mind, levels of our being we must climb to, or rather become. Besides the Teacher and the Eternal Anima, only five characters in this tale are based on real people, and only one of them is still alive. All others are entirely imaginary, including the protagonist, and represent but tendencies in the City, in the Oasis.

And if some of my fabrications outrage you, you can always say that such things cannot possibly ever happen in our beloved City; and in the deepest sense, truly they cannot.

But then this primal riddle remains, the impossible conundrum of our mind which insists in perceiving many imperfections, quite a lot of nonsense, and at times even some horrors where only harmony, good will, love, and ultimately Conscious Immortality ought to abide.

At the end of the last part, the beginning of Auroville, the conundrum is dissolved.

The project began twelve years ago when Vijay, a teacher, healer and writer, began exploring the Internet to find the answers to the questions which people from all over the world asked him but found that almost all sites limit themselves to a specific religion or system of thought while ignoring or denying all others, or are commercial in order to advertise the books, CD’s and courses they are selling.

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