Last updated: 31 May, 2023

And Long and Dark Shall Be the Night

by Claude Arpi

This study is a continuation of the “The Fate of Tibet”. That book had historically explained what befell the Tibetan nation, but had admitted that in the Tibetan tradition, historical facts are only the most external manifestations of deeper forces and struggles, in which many other factors, such as past actions of individuals or nations, have to be taken into consideration. The present study, through a very down-to-earth chronological narration, has tried to get glimpses of the greater forces and the larger implications of some events which occurred in Tibet during the first part of the twentieth century. 

This research is limited to the twentieth century, as the objective was just to give a gist of what went wrong in the recent past. There was no need to go further down in history to prove this point. This is enough to show the dramatic consequences engendered by some political decisions and actions during the rule of the Thirteenth Dalai Lama and the years following his death.  

Published by: Pavilion of Tibetan Culture, 2002

Format: Softcover

Language: English

Pages: 96