Last updated: 10 Mar, 2018

Spirit & Nature

"Spirit and Nature" is dedicated to the experience of Spirit and Nature — Nature as a teacher of multiplicity of creative expressions of Spirit.
Towards Life Beautiful

‘Unity is the substance of the heart’ Sri Aurobindo

 ‘Nature and Spirit’ is a learning centre situated in the middle of an Auroville forest.

The contemporary world faces a radical crisis today in almost all domains of life. Human suffering and ecological damage have reached unprecedented and terrifying levels. Old systems are collapsing, nature becomes turbulent, an apparent chaos is happening. But simultaneously a new spirit is at work. This is an awakening call for humanity to look for new and appropriate answers.

We are in front of unknown territories and ego and mind structures are not enough. We need to stand still, face our wounds, our broken hearts and look inside to find what is our soul.

And maybe we discover the wonder of life and how we can play a constructive role…

Nature, Man and Spirit.

Men is not the last link in the evolutionary process. Men’s rational mind is only a stepping stone towards another consciousness, an unitive consciousness.

Nature in the form of mineral, plant and animal Kingdoms still hold the simplicity of the pure heart in a more dormant, instinctive way. If we consciously connect to Nature and become silent, it is perhaps a way of deconditioning the mind and to come in contact with something more timeless and infinite.

In the next evolutionary spirit of today and tomorrow we will discover new constructive potentials and finally collaborate for a future of humanity where all beings will have a place and right to live beautifully. It is the time to shift to the deep heart- of eternal Love and Beauty. Life in its totality is the playground and teacher. We all can learn to trust the essential potential which is secretly organising every living being and as such finding purpose and celebrate.