Last updated: 13 Jun, 2024

Auroville Learning Exchange (ALE)

Building meaningful relationships with Auroville across the world

ALE is a platform to explore ways to connect Auroville with the world outside through the sharing of ideas, cultures and experiences. Its vision is to create the conditions for unity in diversity through shared passions and long-lasting relationships.


For Aurovilians:

ALE represents a unique opportunity for Aurovilians to build new relationships and gain fresh perspectives with people who have a shared passion outside of Auroville, by both hosting as well as travelling to a new destination.

For non-Aurovilians:

The Auroville Learning Exchange (ALE) represents a unique opportunity to travel to an innovative international settlement in South India. To gain a new perspective and exchange mutual opportunities for learning and inspiration. An occasion to host individuals from around the world.


A line in the Charter of Auroville provides inspiration:

…Taking  advantage of all discoveries from without and from within…

One of the key aspects of Auroville is to be a place for the exchange of ideas and experiences, with nations and cultures from all over the world. This learning exchange program will create opportunity for shared experiences and form hands-on connections with other parts of the world which are currently “under-represented” in Auroville.


Individuals and groups with a shared passion. For example, those involved in social, economic or environmental innovation such as waste management, health and hygiene, farming, governance, education, communication, value addition, etc. Participants are expected to be:

  • Committed, enthusiastic and receptive to new perspectives
  • Passionate and motivated in a particular line or work
  • Open to experiencing new cultures and fresh ways of experiencing the world
  • Able to convincingly demonstrate how the program will provide mutual benefit for Auroville as well as the learning exchange applicant from another country

For Aurovilians:

  • Able to receive 1 to 2 participants from a matching field of work from outside of Auroville.

For non-Aurovilians:

  • Able to communicate well in English (Tamil, Hindi, French are bonuses)
  • Able to host 1 to 2 participants from Auroville

Additional criteria are specified in the application form.


For Aurovilians:

  • Identify individuals or groups with an area of shared passion in Uganda or any other country which is currently under-represented in Auroville.

For non-Aurovilians:

  • Identify individuals or groups within Auroville with a shared passion with you and/or your group.
  • Write to to request additional information as well as the application form.
  • Fill in the form, clearly explaining your motivation for taking part in ALE.
  • Submit the form to the email address given before 1st of September 2019


The program will last around 6 weeks in each location, taking place anytime between 1st of October 2019 and 31st of May 2020.


Countries whose cultures are under-represented in Auroville. For 2019 those with special interest in Uganda are especially encouraged to apply.


A limited funding for the year 2019 – 2020 has already been secured by the Auroville Learning Exchange team. Priority for this funding will be given to applications related to Uganda. However, applications are also welcome for learning exchanges with other under-represented countries in Auroville. In addition to consideration for funding by the ALE team, all applications will be forwarded to the next meeting of Auroville International for possible sponsorship. Final decisions as far as which applications have been approved will be communicated by ALE by 15th of September.