Last updated: 26 Aug, 2020

Inside a General Meeting, How does it work

Before getting to a final important decision, there is a series of steps for making such decision well defined and qualified.

Usually a Study Group examines the various aspects and relevant proposals, which are eventually emerging and offered for feedback through the internal medias like Auronet, News&Notes etc.

The final step, before getting to a decision in a Residents Assembly, is the General Meeting, which calls the community to explore and go through the various aspects of the proposal.

It is a moment of exploration, exchange and debate among all residents, often recorded by Auroville Radio and offered on air: the contents are then reported on the media again, for feedback by all, also by those who did not attend the meeting itself.

When possible, a skilled artist reports through sketches in real time the crucial points of the discussion.  It is an art in itself, to be able to concentrate and bring out the core of the various arguments and focal points emerged during the discussion.

Here we offer an example of such a report, made on the occasion of a recent General Meeting that was examining proposals for the re-structuring of TDC (Town Development Council), one of the key structures for the planning of the various aspects of the township of Auroville.

The Artist, in this case, is Wiebke Koch, a real talent in this field.