Dehashakthi Sports

Total Perfection of the Being

Dehashakti Sports is a physical education complex in Auroville. The programme offers a variety of individual and team sports, including athletics, gymnastics, softball, basketball, and volleyball. The name "Dehashakti" translates to "the full power and perfection of the body".

All education of the body should begin at birth and continue throughout life. It is never too soon to begin nor too late to continue.
The Mother
Physical Education Programme

The Auroville schools’ physical education programme is run under the name Dehashakti Sports at the School Sports Complex near Dana. It aims to provide a comprehensive programme for physical development by way of activities that incorporate challenges and the development of mobility, control, health, fitness, strength, stamina, and body skills. Emphasis is placed on developing a sound team spirit, fairness in play, and manifesting a good attitude during games and competitions.

The perfection of the body, as great a perfection as we can bring about by the means at our disposal, must be the ultimate aim of physical culture. Perfection is the true aim of all cultures, the spiritual and psychic, the mental, the vital, and it must be the aim of our physical culture also. If our seeking is for total perfection of the being, the physical part of it cannot be left aside; for the body is the material basis, the body is the instrument which we have to use.

Building strength and a positive attitude
Cultivating Integral Awareness and Physical Excellence

Dehashakti Sports aims to provide an all-round educative programme to our students through systematic training and planned activities. We hope that this experience will inspire them to strive for an integral awareness — i.e. of their mental and vital beings as much as of their physical — while working towards a conscious control over their growing bodies. We aim to inculcate in them the drive for continuous and ever-growing progress through congenial and joyful exercises and training in the field, track, and court disciplines that we can presently offer.

The pleasure of being together, the impetus to excel, to do one’s best, to strive always towards greater perfection, are legitimate inclinations and motivating forces in cultivating in oneself the qualities of true sportsmanship.

Integral awareness through sports
Empowering Bodies

Sports and physical education have always been an integral and essential part of the curriculum offered to children. Dehashakti means “the full power and perfection of the body”. We offer a comprehensive programme for physical development, providing activities that incorporate and develop movement, mobility, control, health, fitness, strength, stamina, challenge, and body skills.

The following four fields of sports activities enable Dehashakti Sports to incorporate most of the above-mentioned aspects: individual sports (athletics, swimming, gymnastics, table tennis, and horse training) and collective sports (softball, basketball, volleyball, hockey, handball, futsal, and football). The Dehashakti Sports programme is constantly evolving in response to changing circumstances and to the needs of the pupils.

School sports are offered to 215 children by 12 full-time instructors and 10 part-time instructors The children, aged 7-18, are divided into 7 groups. Twice a year, all the children participate in Aurolympics (a two week-long intensive sports event in athletics and team games). They also participate in the annual ENDURANCE race called “Run for My Heart”.

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