Free and Open Source Service and Research

Set up in 2008 as a service unit of Auroville providing technical support in IT, Blue Light has largely expanded into a hub for research and training around the use of Free Open Source Software (FOSS). 

There are three departments:
  • Administration of systems & networks (200 posts in Auroville services) 
  • Hardware maintenance & installation
  • Development of new computerized services in the community.

Vision & Mission

Our primary focus is to provide conscientious, reliable, consistent, and personal support to the Auroville services.

Moreover, they have created a learning and training hub, welcoming everyone who wants to explore FOSS, whether they be Aurovilians, long-term volunteers, or I.T. students from India or abroad. Bluelight offers comprehensive classes in the use of FOSS, primarily to improve computer literacy in Auroville. They believe that if they help a small group of Aurovilians to become well-versed in FOSS computing, they can spread their understanding around the community.

Leaders & Team

The team currently consists of 7 people, supported by external collaborators and volunteers. 

Get in Touch

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Server Room: Located at the Town Hall: +91-413-2622600;

Office : Located near AV Foundation +91-413-2622500;

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