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Sustainable Gas Solutions in Auroville

Auroville residents can keep their kitchens running smoothly with the Auroville Gas Service. This community-based initiative offers a reliable and convenient way to obtain cooking gas refills.

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Powering Auroville with Care:

Auroville residents can keep their culinary creations flowing thanks to the Auroville Gas Service, a vital cog in the community's commitment to self-sufficiency. This resident-managed programme offers a convenient alternative to venturing outside Auroville for cooking gas refills. Located in the Service Area, near the familiar landmark of the Telephone Service, the gas service eliminates the need for time-consuming trips to Pondicherry.

The service operates during weekdays, with specific hours allocated for residents to bring empty cylinders for exchange or refilling. This refill system not only prioritizes resident needs but also aligns with Auroville's core principles of sustainability. By minimizing reliance on external resources and potentially reducing waste through refillable cylinders, the Auroville Gas Service exemplifies the community's dedication to fostering a self-sufficient and environmentally conscious environment.

Streamlined Refill Process

Auroville residents can ditch the long trips to Pondicherry for cooking gas refills thanks to the Auroville Gas Service. This community-managed service prioritizes resident convenience. Operating Monday through Saturday from 9 am to 1 pm and 2 pm to 4 pm, the Auroville Gas Service offers a time-saving solution.

Here's what makes the Auroville Gas Service unique:

  • Local Focus: Unlike some gas providers with a wider reach, the Auroville Gas Service caters specifically to the needs of Auroville residents, eliminating the need for external reliance.
  • Refill System: The service centres around refilling existing gas cylinders rather than offering brand-new ones. This approach aligns with Auroville's commitment to sustainability by potentially reducing waste and minimizing transportation needs. The service also arranges home delivery for those elderly residents who cannot transport cylinders on their own.
  • Simple Process: Residents simply bring their empty cylinders during operating hours for a quick and efficient exchange. This streamlined process ensures minimal disruption to their daily routines.

The Auroville Gas Service serves as a prime example of the community's commitment to self-sufficiency and fostering a sustainable lifestyle. It's a valuable resource that keeps Auroville kitchens running smoothly and residents focused on their daily lives.

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