Last updated: 4 Feb, 2016

Water Harvest - Centre for Water Resource Management

Water Harvest Office
Auroville Water Harvest (AWH) was a Public Service Unit with non-profit status and is Registered under the Auroville Foundation as a division of a Trust for the Centre of Scientific Research (CSR): it is no more existing but, as it was an important and successful step in collaboration in the bio-region between Auroville and the nearby villages, we keep memory of it, as part of an online archive of activities in Auroville.

"Fundamentally, AWH is a major water management service operating from its premises near Kottakarai, Tamil Nadu.  Our aim is to create a sustainable integrated water management system for Auroville and the bio-region by involvement in social mobilization, surveying, Geographical Information System (GIS), sanitation and wastewater management with special emphasis on providing logistic and engineering support for water reservoirs, the rehabilitation of water distribution and drainage systems.

AWH believes the environmental, social, technical and economic challenges are all interconnected whenever we take on a project.  We are also involved in training farmers in water conservation practices and sustainable farming.  The core concept is promoting solutions for rural, semi-urban and urban areas while fighting seawater intrusion as a main objective.  Harvest also monitors the water  quality and levels in Auroville‘s aquifers and wells, keeps statistics and is involved in scientific and engineering investigations working with various partners.

Generally, AWH does not target any particular social groups  or communities but implements actions that can benefit everyone. Water resource management concerns all the population and everyone must be involved in saving this precious natural resource.  However, particular attention  is paid to the farmers as agriculture is the main water consumer."