Auroville Water Service

Providing Safe Water for Auroville

Auroville Water Service (AWS) is creating a core service for Auroville, supplying water 24 hours X 7 days, without any disruption. AWS started to offer this service from the year 2000 with 8 communities and a "Residential Zone Water System".

Pure Water is the World’s First and Foremost Medicine.

– Slovakian Proverb
Ensuring Water Quality

At present it covers 60% of Auroville water supply, approximately 30 communities and 910 users. The main advantages of this water system are: continuous monitoring of water quality, 24/7 delivery, pressure regulation, minimizing of water loss. In 2018, AWS RZ merged with the Kottakarai water distribution system adding approximately 15 communities and 300 users bringing the total up to approximately 1200 users.

City pipings implementation
Preventing Water Loss

In the past seventeen years from 2000 to 2017, AWS has built a good long-term water infrastructure within the township, marking it as the centralized system dedicated to supplying domestic water. AWS had 30% water loss in 2000, but now it has reduced to almost 0% water loss. AWS team members are reachable 24 hours by phone and these team members can responsibly work with HDPE External Piping with branded EF fittings & water meter that can make long-term sense unlike PVC, according to the prevalent plumbing standards.

Auroville centralized waste water system piping assembly

Access to safe drinking water should be the same for everyone in Auroville.

AWS’s Objectives and Activities can be formulated in 6 main categories:

1. Water Quality

2. Water Delivery

3. Environmental Concerns

4. Client Information

5. Cost/Tariffs

6. Maintenance and Projects

Visit the Auroville Water Service website for detailed information.

Auroville Seawater desalination piping project

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