Last updated: 26 Aug, 2020

Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) in the Residential Zone (RZ)

The aerial view of the wastewater treatment plant 

The plant has been completed in 2019, and is currently returning treated water to eight communities for use in their gardens. Water that is not used is being captured in four tanks of 50 cubic metres, located in Mahalakshmi Park and now complete. 

The video shows very efficiently all aspects of this realization.

Situated close to the Matrimandir, this water can be used to water the gardens there. 

While the WWTP in the RZ is currently under the management of CSR, the plan is to transfer it to the users for management. The Water Users Association was created in May 2019, with one representative from each community that is currently hooked up to the system. The group meets once per month to discuss and decide on issues related to the WWTP: treated water return timings, how to manage costs, etc. The group also shares best practices when it comes to treated water usage.
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