Last updated: 20 Apr, 2021

Sending donations to Auroville from Abroad

THANK YOU! Auroville is grateful for your generous support. 

There are several ways to send contributions to Auroville. If you have any questions about the below information, feel free to contact us
via email;
or phone +914132622455.

Recently, the Government of India has amended the law regarding Foreign Contributions (FCRA Act). All foreign contributions coming into the country would need to come to a single branch – the State Bank of India Main Branch, New Delhi. Accordingly, we have opened a new account in New Delhi SBI branch. Details as follows.

Send A Bank Transfer Directly To Auroville (SWIFT)

You can also send contributions directly to Auroville using a wire transfer through your financial institution. Below is the information your bank will need in order to complete a SWIFT transfer. Please ensure that the Beneficiary Name in all circumstances is listed as AUROVILLE FOUNDATION.


IFSC: SBIN0000691

Bank Name: State Bank of India

Branch Code: 000691


A/c Number: 40106120526


Purpose: Specify the name of the unit or project/s

A/C Holder Postal Address: Auroville Foundation Auroville 605101

Tamil Nadu, India

Bank Postal address: FCRA Cell

State Bank of India

New Delhi Main Branch

11 Sansad Marg

New Delhi 110 001

Bank Phone No. 011-23374050

Donate Through A Local Auroville International Centre

For foreign donors, many countries have an Auroville International (AVI) organization that can take your donation, issue a tax receipt, and channel the funds to Auroville. You can find a list of AVI Centers here.

Donate through donation portal: Auroville Donation Gateway

Send A Paper Cheque Directly To Auroville

All cheques must be payable to AUROVILLE FOUNDATION. You can send cheques to the address below, and kindly inform us by email:

Auroville Unity Fund,

Town Hall,

Auroville 605101

Tamil Nadu, India