Last updated: 30 Mar, 2021

Tamil Monthly Magazine – Auroville Grama Seydhi Madal

Auroville Grama Seydhi Madal
This Tamil monthly has been published regularly by Ilaignarkal Education Centre  since 1997, and privately distributed among all the educational institutions, libraries, service units and Tamil lovers and wellwishers of Auroville at large.

It offers articles on the Mother, Sri Aurobindo, Auroville-Tamil culture, history, environmental science and the socio-economic life of local Tamil people, plus news of the positive happenings and developmental programmes of Auroville’s cultural region. Regular contents include educative and interesting material with illustrations for children, women and youth. Articles are contributed by a variety of people, including scholars, local friends, and researchers in the fields of agriculture, temple culture, arts & crafts, Tamil heritage, body care, health & healing, yoga, meditation, music, sports and games. 

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