Last updated: 13 Feb, 2017

Sports and Recreation Facilities

Sport and games

Auroville provides adults and children with many facilities for sports and physical activities, such as athletics, football, gymnastics, tennis, swimming, body building, volleyball, basketball, badminton, table tennis, etc.

For the children of the Auroville schools the main activities are supervised by Dehashakti Sports at the School Sports Complex near Dana 4 - 5:30pm every weekday. 

Sports and physical education for the youth of the surrounding villages are organised by Auroville Village Action Group, Tamil Ulagam, Aikiyam Bilingual School, Arul Vazhi and Isaiambalam. For adults there are activities and programmes available in Certitude, at New Creation and at the Bharat Nivas football field.

Summary of sports facilities in Auroville (outside the School Sports Complex) is as follows:

  • Badminton courts -    Aurodam, Certitude, New Creation, Samasti, Samriddhi
  • Basketball courts -    Certitude, New Creation, Aspiration
  • Football fields -    Certitude, Bharat Nivas
  • Gymnastics -    New Creation Gym
  • Swimming -    La Piscine at New Creation
  • Table tennis -    Certitude, Last School, New Creation
  • Tennis courts -    Auromodele, Certitude, New Creation
  • Ultimate Frisbee -    Certitude football field                      
  • Volleyball court -    Aspiration, Certitude, New Creation

Regarding other physical pursuits, visit or contact the following:

  • Aerobics -    New Creation Dance Studio
  • Aikido -    Auroville Aikikai
  • Cricket -    Joseph (New Creation)
  • Dance -    New Creation Dance Studio
  • Fencing -    Arseny
  • Hatha Yoga - Pitanga, Verite
  • Horse-riding - Evergreen Horses, Red Earth Riding School
  • Kabaddi -    Arun (Arc en Ciel)
  • Kalaripayyat -    Kalyani, Richard (Vikas) or Manish
  • Karate -    Satprem (CSR)
  • Kung Fu -    Philippe
  • Pilates - New Creation Dance Studio, Pitanga
  • Taijiquan - Tai Chi Hall
  • Volleyball -    Hari (Djaima)