Last updated: 29 Aug, 2022

Residential Zone

Additional apartment blocks in the zone are needed to serve housing needs of the community

Residential Zone

For the 189-hectare Residential Zone, development will be primarily limited to residential community buildings, community meeting spaces, crèches and lower age group educational needs, work studios, first aid centres, parks, playgrounds, landscaping elements, eco-friendly parking areas, kiosks and convenience stores, with the additional possibility of small handicraft ateliers. 

The adjacent Crown Road area is planned for apartment blocks, city level retail stores, display areas, communication and recreation centres, restaurants, libraries and reading rooms, health centres, essential utility needs, city management sub-offices for services such as fire, water, sanitation and post/telecom, parks & green areas and eco-friendly parking. There could also be guesthouses, department stores, some small professional offices, utility maintenance centres and essential transport related infrastructure and conference facilities.

Realization Community (photos by Manohar)

Kalpana Community (photos by Manohar)