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Lilaloka - Resource Centre for the Child

The place where play transforms, where joy opens the path

As flowers blossom in the sun, children blossom in Joy


Lilaloka, the place of Play (in Sanskrit), offers a new educational approach centred on Joy, in order to become our own life’s creator. Through joy, the child blossoms and finds his or her path, gains trust in his or her potentialities. Joy connects us to our inner child, to others and gives meaning to life: it is a crucial value to recover in today’s world. Lilaloka offers various activities, based on Play, which allow the child to reveal itself as an individual and amongst others, without competition or judgement. This place is opened to all children, schooled or not, having difficulties or not, beyond all categorizations and allowing a mix of ages. The team of Lilaloka wants to work in collaboration with schools and parents, considering each child as an evolving being.

We have individual sessions in the morning, and group activities in the afternoon.

We also offer 2 mornings for homeschooled children and long term guests.

Ongoing activities

Nature’s Theatre wants to create a safe and inspiring environment where each individual can create its space to follow its own unique path. With each group, we start from nothing, a blank page and experience the magic of making the first point on an empty space. A first point contains an infinite sea of possibilities.

Our journey begins with a story, “ 1,2,3 and a star We-be”. The stars take us on a journey where we prove that we are all just like a star. We learn to work with the compass, in this case, two sticks and a rope. Each participant uses its own body measures for this construction. We make our first point and pull from there a never-ending line, the circle. Within that line, our star is born. We are uniform in our shape but no point is the same and each star has its own path to follow. Together we make a constellation. At that point, the facilitator follows the stars and creates the space to let their story evolve.

My observation is that once we have constructed the shape and played with our compass, the participants get inspired to design and create. With children, this mostly results in creating a world together and play within it. Creation and play are the foundation of Nature’s Theatre. While we create we build a world, while we play in that world we create the objects needed to manifest that world. Within that project, we imitate the real world and discover where our talents lay and how that can benefit the group as a whole.

Shiatsu and reflexo-therapy are used as a tool to connect with the children and gain their trust through non-verbal communication. 

The full session lasts about one hour. We start with a small relaxing massage to align our selves. The session takes between 5 and 30 minutes depending on the child. The aim is to release the body of the day to day tensions. Once this tension is released the child is able to find a connection with the self which opens the way to increase confidence. Becoming more confident the child is open to receive the tools which can help him or her to better cope with their emotions. This results in better social skills which lead to a more joyful interaction with other children and adults. This relaxing massage is repeated in all sessions. Then till the end of the session, the child receives full attention in his needs, being through play, games, drawing, learning alphabet etc., to regain his or her self-confidence

Medicinal plants (Being one with all): to learn the use of mainly local medicinal plants in a playful way.

The activity is based on teamwork. Together we honour Mother Earth, each other and the world around us, explore and learn how we can support each other.

We do this by exploring the land around us and learn to recognize medical plants that can help our body and mind, to be healthy and comfortable.

We learn how to prepare the remedies, [the children call them magic potions], Simple home remedies for rashes, burns, dehydration, common cold, body coolers, anxiety, nightmares, anger, shyness, make one’s own new potion (it includes, making wood fires for our teas, mixing and squashing with the hand, cutting, pouring, stitching and delegating tasks to each other so all get a turn).

The preparation of our plant creations and their application invites communication, sharing and teamwork. We share stories of our experiences related to the plants healing abilities. 

This builds trust among the children; we become aware of our inner self, the other and the world around us. It also helps to develop the senses, experience the different textures, smells, tastes and to experience the joy of discovering the interrelation of all things.

The main objective is to build confidence, respect and ownership of oneself and one's feelings. To help the child to learn to express and respect themselves and the world they live in. This is done with the help of medicinal plants and how they live in coexistence with other living things so also with us.

Other activities envisaged:

A creative radio, music room, Balamata - playgroup for babies and toddlers, game library, a hall for collective activities such as «Awareness through the body », dance, aïkido, singing, yoga, relaxation, storytelling…

The Play of Painting: this collective activity (mixed age groups children and adults) is based on non-judgement, on self-discovery and on free expression through painting (“Arno Stern” concept). It respects the rhythms and specificities of each one, unique amongst others, beyond all competition. 

« The art of painting aims at the production of a piece of art. The Play of Painting gives birth to the formulation: a code which is original, coherent and universal.».

Specialised library for children: a daring turtle-shaped building will host this place of reading and creation of stories and will include a puppet theatre, a room of secrets, storytelling…

Evolving Games: life itself being a game in constant evolution, the rules evolve with and according to the public, on the basis of existing games. We also create new games. Respect, responsibility, autonomy, love and sharing are the basis of this activity.

Creation and publication of books and games: creating beautiful stories, new games for children, and also tools and books for educators are part of Lilaloka’s activities.

Research and training: Lilaloka’s team wishes to share their knowledge and offer training to students and educators from all countries that are attracted by the international aspect of Auroville. Indian researchers in the educational field will be particularly welcome.

The Team

Marianne, Jitta, Anna are professionals in the field of education for many years and work with children of all ages (even with adults), various nationalities, with and without specific needs. Each one of us has developed her own speciality.

Each individual is a special manifestation in the universe; therefore his true path has to be absolutely unique.”

The Mother



Contact details

For group activities, please send a WhatsApp to Jitta: +91 9159053161

For individual sessions, please WhatsApp to Marianne +91 9443085038 or Jitta - +91 9159053161

How to participate in building Lilaloka

By your enthusiasm for the project!

By donations of equipment

By your financial donations (see details below).

How to give:

If you have an Auroville Financial Service account, you can transfer a donation to Unity account 252023 mentioning « Lilaloka » as the purpose.

If you live in India or abroad you can send your donation via the Auroville online Donation Gateway:

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