Last updated: 21 Dec, 2022

School Admission guidelines for Volunteers' children

Guidelines for admission of Volunteers ( who are in the process of becoming newcomers or associate with Auroville  ) children in an Auroville school.

AV School Board (Revised March 2022)                                                    

* Auroville schools are primarily for the children of Aurovilians and Newcomers..

* Space may be offered to the child of a volunteers (who are in the process of becoming newcomers or associated with Auroville) who is either 

1) In AV to start their Newcomer process and who have to integrate Auroville during their guest period;

2) Volunteers in AV for a specified amount of time working in an AV unit or service. Please contact to get the volunteer card.

3) Friends of Auroville or Associates of Auroville (working for AV in one way minimum 18 hours a week). Please contact


* Parents should be willing to participate in an Auroville activity, unit or service to apply for school admission.


* Volunteers have to come to Auroville at least 2 weeks before the beginning of the term so his/her child can adapt and start school. This will allow you to settle in Auroville, find a place to stay and work.

* Volunteers have to re-apply every year. The place will be guaranteed one year at a time. If within that year the space is requested by an Aurovilian or newcomer, the school will take both children. The school cannot guarantee space for the following year.